Lease to Own Opportunities

This great program allows you to choose any home you desire and it will be purchased on your behalf up to $500,000. This allows you the opportunity to lease the home while building savings or while you decide on other options. If you so choose, you may buy the home at any time, or cash out your savings after 3 years. See below…

> The Application Process

The application process is quick and easy. First a soft credit check is performed. Once approved, the client would put 2% of the home price down. For example if the home is $200,000 this means $4,000 will be the down payment. This money goes towards “equity credits”.

> Once You Close On The Home

You would rent your new home for 3 years and 25% of every rent payment goes towards home savings which can be cashed out or used for a down payment. For example, if the rent is $1200, $950 would go to rent and $250 would go towards savings. This will save you 10% equity payments with a drawn out schedule.

> When You Are Ready To Buy

You would be able to buy the home back at any time. If you don’t want to buy the home back at year 3, they will cash you out and you can leave the home at any time and keep 50% of your equity. There are no fees, no closing costs, only rent and equity payments going toward the home. Closings are swift, typically within 17 days.

> Customer Requirements:

  • 550 FICO for everyone on the application

  • $40K minimum income (the average customer has a ~$60K income)

  • 2% of the home’s price saved up in the bank for the down payment

  • No bankruptcy or eviction in the past 12 months

> Home Requirements:

  • Price must be between $60-$350K (depending on area)

  • HVAC system must be less than 18 years old

  • Roof must be in good condition

  • No foundation issues, mold, termites

  • Must be rental-code-compliant

  • Cannot be a mobile or modular home

  • Must be fee simple

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