When selling your property, you will need the guidance of a knowledgeable and trusted professional to make your best interests an intended priority. When selling, it is important to access a knowledgeable real estate professional to:

How to

  • Generate a dependable Comparative Market Analysis to get a good idea of a price range to list your home for.

  • Check tax records for previous owners, mortgage history and other property information.

  • Provide access to important agreements and documents on industry preferred GAR forms such as Listing Agreements, Sellers Disclosures, Special Stipulations and Amendment forms.

  • Market and advertise the property through as many commission approved avenues as possible including Commission approved Multiple Listing Services.

  • Arrange and facilitate private viewings of your home to prospective buyers.

  • Work on your behalf to negotiate the best offer(s) to meet or exceed your list price.

  • Present any offers and counteroffers in a timely and professional manner.

  • Provide you with industry preferred professionals for services such as: structural inspections, survey, appraisal, home warranty, title search and insurance.

  • Coordinate all final documents for closing, and review final closing figures for accuracy.

Home Selling

Use these tips below to ensure your home sells quickly and for top dollar.

  • De-clutter and clean the home thoroughly. Sweep, vacuum, mop, clean counters, toilets, make sure clothes shoes and other belongings are in order, keep trash tidy etc.

  • Remove items that are too personal, such as pictures, family heirlooms and other objects and clutter that might distract potential buyers.

  • Organize the home including smaller less frequented areas, such as closets, cabinets and inside the refrigerator.

  • Remove or replace favorite items you intend to keep.

  • Make any necessary repairs.

  • Insure great curb appeal! Keep lawn and bushes cut, remove cobwebs, try to keep fall leaves at bay, clean gutters etc. Adding flowers outside adds a pleasant touch.

  • Make sure there are no odors that may turn buyers off. Make sure any pet hair, odors, puppy pads, kitty litter etc. is kept under control or preferably undetectable.

  • Determine the status of neighbor’s homes and see if theirs will deter the sale of yours in any way.

  • Make sure you are not present while buyers are viewing the home.

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